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What did you make for dinner ladies? I made lemon pepper …

What did you make for dinner ladies?

I made lemon pepper oven wings with fries (mostly for hubby) and then some salmon, green beans, and lentils for my dinner.


— Baked chicken legs, green beans, and corn. I didn't feel like cooking a whole bunch.

— Nothing wrong with that!

— Roasted garlic and herb pork loin in the oven with green beans and shells n cheese

— I love pork loin. Such an easy dinner that still feels like you care about the meal

— Biscuits and gravy

— Dang...I wish I could make that. Its almost impossible to make biscuits and gravy diet friendly 😭

— My hubby made ribs and potatoe salad and spinach salad

— That sounds sooo good.

— Ziti but i didn’t like how it came out

— @two.tiny.texans, i didn’t have enough sauce 😢 i like it super saucy

— @itsamemario damnit. That sucks 😑

— @two.tiny.texans, girl i know 😫

— Omg I need to learn how to make chicken winga

— 😉 I thawed frozen wings, used a lemon pepper wing packet, and baked them according to the seasoning packet instructions. All I did differently was put them on a cookie cooling rack over the pan instead of straight on the pan. I put the fresh green beans under the rack so they're cooking in lemon pepper juice and chicken fat 😍

— @two.tiny.texans omg sounds amazing

— Terriyaki chicken and rice

— Yummm...

— Chicken and broccoli side of shrimp tempura and riceballs.

— @two.tiny.texans, used examples online. I used a spam spread for filling.

— @icebergahead oh wow! I may have to try something like that. I have some sushi rice and chinese sausages from Costco I'm trying to figure out how to use. I thought of an eggroll type thing but hadn't decided yet

— @two.tiny.texans, these are how they turned out. I did not use soy sauce or nori.