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Have any of you mamas did a BIG chop or just plain ol go ba…

Have any of you mamas did a BIG chop or just plain ol go bald? I feel like I damaged my hair too much and the texture and curls aren’t the same anymore. I hate it!


— Your curls will have more bounce once you chop it. I did not mind the shorter look. It made styling easier.

— Thanks ice! You reminded me their is a natural hair beauty salon near me that I’ve always wanted to check out. I need a lot of help with my hair and it’s just not living up to it’s full potential of bouncy beautiful curls.

— I did a chop in 2016. Went from shoulder length to maybe 4inch length hair. It looked so cute and healthy. I had dried ends and knots. I needed a salon help. It was probably my third time ever in a salon. They did a great job on my curly hair.
I now trim it myself as needed.

— I did in December but it wasn't intentional. My hair was past my butt and i wanted it to my chest and the girl cut it to my shoulders. 🙄 my hair has never been this short in over 10 years.

— Oh wow! I hope you didn’t have to pay for that. I’m sure you look amazing!

— I did just on February third

— @dontspankme, tbh lmao I think I wanna keep cutting it 😹😹

— @amazinglimama, lol I feel like this will be me too once I do it and love how it looks and feels!

— @dontspankme, definitely!

— Yep I have. I stopped relaxing for about 4-5 months then cut off my relaxed ends. That was 4 years ago & I'm thinking about doing it again for the same reasons as you.

— Have you added stuff to it that’s damaged it? I feel like mine is at the point of no return.

— @dontspankme I used a few products that changed their ingredients & it wasn't good for my hair any longer. I also went to a salon twice to get braids & they insisted on putting heat on my hair to make it more "manageable" to braid.

— @bad_ass_barbie, wow they sound like asses and doesn’t know anything about natural hair.

— I did a big chop, wow probably about 10 years ago now, and I’ve never turned back. I’ll never ever have long hair again. I love my hair short. I have a thin face and the short cuts look good on my face frame. Long hair makes me look older and more drawn out if that makes sense

— It does make sense you look hot with short hair! 😘

— @dontspankme, thanks lady! I love short hair! So go for it whatever u wanna do! And remember it’s only hair and it always grows back!

— @ss3mom, exactly! I just hope it grows back healthy. I have a round chubby face so short long term style wouldn’t look good on me as it does you.

— I cut the relaxer out my hair in January. It was super short. I couldn't even put it in a ponytail 😂
So glad I did

— It's touching my shoulders now

— @lareina_kk, nice! I’ve never had relaxer in but I was tempted to buy some last week lol I’m just scared I’ll just add on to the damage.

— @dontspankme you will. But its your choice. 😊

— And my hair was pretty damaged. It was when I started on my curly hair journey.

— I have a super round face too. I’ve bleached twice and permanent dyed last year to get the semi purple covered. My hairs a mess! I want my curls to be more defined like yours 😍

— @dontspankme, the chop will help but definitely don’t relax your hair afterwards lol.

— I did a big chop. I’ve always wanted to go bald but I feel like my face is too round for that.

— My hair was past my butt. Before I had my baby I chopped half of it off. I had pretty bad dead ends n I have no time to fix it. It's so much easier now.

— Thanks for letting me know! I can’t decide on what I wanna do yet

— After a break up, I chopped it all off. Went into the restroom and just cut 12+ inches off 💇🏽‍♀️ pixie cut was cute

.....until I was maintaining it and put the wrong clipper length on =} ended up shaving it by accident and loved it!!

— Oh no haha pixie cuts are cute! Did your hair grow back quick and healthy?

— I did both lol I’m relaxed right now but the first time I shaved completely the next 2 times I just big chopped

— You’re brave lol how did your hair grow out after shaving? And why did you shave did you damage it a lot like I did mine haha

— @dontspankme, I shaved because I had put a bad relaxer in my hair so I had no choice lol. I just wore wigs u til it grew lol. Then I relaxed after a year then I went natural again and big chopped just cut at my natural roots then I did it a few years after that lol now I am relaxed again lol