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Someone help diagnose me lol. I will call the dr when i can…

Someone help diagnose me lol. I will call the dr when i can’t take it anymore.
Last night i had diarrhea and vomiting for 2 hours straight. Since waking up I’ve felt severe fatigue (even with multiple 1 hour naps), my bones and joints hurt so bad i can hardly move, fever of 101.5 and climbing, severe headache, flushed and hot face. Have not felt nausea today but had one small episode of diarrhea after attempting a small amount of coffee.


— Stomach flu

— Flu doesn't cause vomiting n diarrhea. It's most likely a stomach virus

— people often mistake the flu which is influenza and a stomach virus. there is no such thing as stomach flu. the flu would cause cold like symptoms, body aches, chills, fever. but not vomiting and diarrhea. that sounds like some type of stomach virus which would explain all the symptoms together.

i just went through the flu here and got a whole run down on this lol. we definitely had the flu and none of us had vomiting or diarrhea which i always thought came with the flu until i really learned about it.

— I had the same thing . I vomited for 5 hours straight after that I was hot than cold flushed face . My body was so achy and I was extremely exhausted and dehydrated

— Flu!

— Could be the stomach flu. Hope you feel better, momma!!

— 😓 make some toast, put a little butter and then throw a mixture of cinnamon and sugar on top. The cinnamon will soothe your stomach and will help with diarrhea.

— Stomach virus
Feel better soon!

— Thank you!

— Flu

— I agree with possible flu

— Sounds like the flu. How's your throat?

— Dry but doesn’t hurt

— Sounds like the flu

— Sounds like the Flu but let me confirm with dr. Google. @_slimm.shady_

— 😂😂 thanks chief

— Pretty sure flu. I've never had it before tho.or my kids. Hope it isn't cornavirus 🤮