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I had my rainbow girl!! About 51 minutes ago!!! And the epi…

I had my rainbow girl!! About 51 minutes ago!!! And the epidural didn’t work in time! She’s 9lbs2oz. Lillian 😍 May post pictures later when we get moved to a different room and all that we will see lol. Now I can’t wait for Austin to meet her!


— Congratulations!!

— Congratulation... How are you feeling

— Awww congrats love

— Congratulations!!

— Congratulations Mama! Welcome to girl Mama world 💗🌻 you surely are a trooper any woman I see that goes through labor without any kind of medicine is a trooper straight up

— Congratulations!!

— Congrats

— Congratulations 🎉

— Congratulations

— Congrats! 💗

— Thanks everyone! She’s a big girl lol my son was only 8lbs3oz. She’s sleeping hard right now lol. She’s the biggest baby in the family right now between all her cousins. I’m glad I didn’t tear at all.

— Lillian is beautiful name. That's what we named our daughter.

— I have always wanted a ‘Lily’. May seem silly but even when I was 14 I would say my daughters name is gonna be lily, lol. When I heard the name Lillian I fell in love with it.

— Congrats

— Awww congrats. She’s my birthday twin!

— Congratulations, momma!!