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Looking for a bit of advice from those with older children.…

Looking for a bit of advice from those with older children. What are boys usually like at 7 years old?
Mine is pretty much like a stroppy teenager. Constantly got an attitude. Generally miserable and displeased by everything in life. A general lack of giving a damn about anything. Only things he likes to do are play on switch/PlayStation, play football and build Lego. Does this sound normal?


— My 7 year old is a good behaved boy 😀 Loves me very much. Sometimes a bit lazy for doing homework or tasks I ask him to do, but at the end he enjoys to be involved 😅 I know how motivate him 😁 He loves to play outside with his friends, loves to ride his bike, scooter, roller skates. Plays Ps too, but I control him 😅 He plays with lego, robots, car tracks. He's doing gymnastic classes and wants to join adrenaline alley scooter classes. Sometimes stubborn and won't listen, but we try to speak everything out x

— Sounds like my 8 year old!

— Typical lad behaviour. At around 7 they have a testosterone surge 🙈 another then puberty then another surge and then manhood - which is pretty much the same 🙈😂
It gets better 🤔 when I find out when I’ll let you know xx

— My boy will be 7 next month and is the same way. He won't listen and all he's interested in is video games. When his time limit is up he throws a strop and becomes a nightmare with me and his siblings. He will constantly get on their nerves.
And he is always "bored"
When i tell him of he just replies with " I hate you " or " you only love them "
He is my first so he always has a special place in my heart. He certainly gets a lot of affection from me and Dad. But i just think thats how boys are at that age.

— Yes this is how my son is atm except he doesn't play video games much but all he wants to do is wine about everything and answer back.. Iv been told they snap out of it so I have my fingers crossed... He's recently snapped at me and said he doesn't want to call me mummy anymore as none of his friends do to there mums he'd never been told what to call me but I'm so use to it.. It hurt my feelings abit 😔 xx

— I hope he grows out of it soon. He told me the other day “I don’t even like you cause you don’t even care about me”. All because I asked him to tidy his bedroom.

— @gen87 Iv had that to all because I didn't have honey to do toast I'm sure it's just a phase as we have always been so close and when he's not grumpy like last night he said I love you so much and always will sweet dreams mummy.. Fingers crossed your boy snaps out of it xx

— Yep 😔 although I don't have older kids my brother is 8 and sounds just like this. He's playstation mad, if you tell him t get off it n do something eles it's the end of the world, and he just goes on n on that he's bored, hell go n play on the trampoline for abit but then wants t go back to a computer game straight away🙈 xx

— Omg. That’s exactly what my Alfie is like.

— @gen87 haha maybe its a alfie thing it's his name too 😂🙈 xx

— @tam96, 😂 maybe