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Hey girls, havnt been on for a while so I thought I would g…

Hey girls, havnt been on for a while so I thought I would give a little update on us😂 Olivia's starts nursery the end of march, so excited for her the nursery is amazing and has cameras so I can go and see what shes doing whenever I want ( makes me feel so much better ) shes so excited about going bless her😍

Scuttlebug have asked if olivia can do a photoshoot for them!!😍😍literally so excited for this and lastly were moving back in with my nan in April to save for a mortgage and buy a house this year and try for baby number 2!😍😍🙌

I'm going to try and be on here more and post💗


— @ryanhodg3 ^^ 😂

— Lovely to see you back 💕💕💕 🤗🤗🤗

— Thankyou hun xxxxx

— @kerry26_92 @ryanhodg3 listen bitches your only jealous of my coat🖕🏼


— Lmfaoo... nah mate went an bought one @abbyrose 😂😂

— How is Olivia this big already tho 😩 I can’t cope! You both look fab xx

— I know it's crazy and thankyou💗

— @ryanhodg3 shes back without her wheelie bin coat 🤣🤣

Only joking @abbyrose love ya really 😘

— Fs @abbyrose back talking shit

— That coat outa skip 😭😭

— @ryanhodg3 😂😂😂

— Aww 2 pretty ladies! Lovely to see you back on here, missed seeing you pop up! Exciting times ahead for you all 😊 Xx

— Aww thankyou lovely 💗

— How exciting! And baby number 2 omg 😍 she will love nursery bless her👏xxxx

— Haha hopefully!! Your little one will be here soon💗xx

— Lovely picture 😍! Wishing yous all the very best, hope she enjoys her nursery im sure she will 💖

— Thankyou hun💗💗