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Rant... (Disclaimer: I absolutely love my husband, hes a gr…

(Disclaimer: I absolutely love my husband, hes a great man and an amazing father ! )

I'm probably being very emotional about the topic because it's very touchy to me. With my first child I wasnt able to get him to latch for the first 8 months, it was heart breaking, I was young and tried everything i could so i pumped milk every 2 hours for 8 months straight untill he could latch.. and I had a crazy oversupply! With my second child he latched immediately and fed constantly, around 6 months we realized he was dropping quite a bit of weight and becoming underweight. We tried everything. And around him being 9 months I decided I would just pump and bottle feed him but I would only get an oz every 4 hours or so and he ofcourse wouldnt take the bottle. So I realized I'd been failing to produce for my son and it was heartbreaking. I started him on formula immediately. Now that this baby is almost here I dont want to breast feed at all. I've had so many problems with it and I just dont want to. But my husband is saying i need to, that I'm not giving him a fair chance. So I said fine then I'll pump so I know how much hes getting and I'll know if theres an issue... and hes ligit mad at me and saying I'm being unfair to my child, that I'm not treating my kids equally.. I just dont want to fail this baby too. I dont know why my body isnt doing what it's supposed to I'm just so frustrated and overwhelmed


— Fuck him. If he can breastfeed key him do it. Your not failing your baby. Fed is best. I never breastfed and my kids are perfectly healthy. Another mother shouldn't shame you either but for your husband to be like that is uncalled for. He needs to support you and if he can't fuck him.

— Girl, my baby just made 6 weeks and she gets mostly formula now. I nurse her when I can, but she likes the formula better.
Do not ever let a man make you feel guilty for ANYTHING. Especially when it comes to being mother. He's a dick for doing that.

— That’s really unfair of him to say that. Nursing is hard especially in the beginning. U need to do what u feel is right for u not him.

— It definitely is hard and I feel alot of pressure to do what he wants and it's very stressful

— @kaycharwy312, well u can’t do what he wants with your own body ya know? I understand he wants u to nurse but if you’re not feeling it then it will never work out. Just the stress of it alone will cause a decrease in supply.

— I different experiences with all 3 of my children. First one couldn’t latch at all and I had to EP. Second one has issues and could only latch half of the time. Third one was breast fed with formula supplementation. Every baby is different. So I suggest trying to nurse the 3rd and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. No shame. At least you tried.

— Yeah I want to try but I know that if I do start bf and it doesnt end up working I'll be more heart broken vs if I just pump or if I just formula feed. But, my opinion may completely change once hes born i dont know I'm just mentally drained lol

— @kaycharwy312, even if you only breast feed for a few days, the colostrum is beneficial. If not, you do you. Whatever works best for you and your mental health.

— It’s your body and your choice. You need to do what you think is best for you and your baby. Men don’t know how hard it is at all.

— Definatly not

— I feed all 3 of my girls baby formula and they turned out great healthy. Smart. It your body. Plus man's dont understands how hard it is. Because they are the one getting up with the baby. We are

— Exactly ! Him and his family act like formula is the devil. They all breast feed and one mom who formula fed always gets talked shit about because of it. My husband just wants all natural for the kiddos and I understand that but I physically feel like I cant do it again. But we shall see I guess !

— Girl every time is different ...with my first she was 2 months early when I had her I was 15 then with my second I wanted to try but the hospital already gave him a bottle without asking me so I didn’t get a option with my third I just wanted to try and I told myself two weeks.. it’s been five years and I’m so done with it lol so just try you never know

— That what he is saying, he just wants me to try, but I just am terrified.. my LO still struggles with weight because of breast feeding. I didnt know there was an issue for 6 months. I dunno I'm just so emotional about it lol

— @kaycharwy312, well don’t stress it if u can’t no biggie

— I never got much from pumping. You may have been producing more than you realized when you nursed. If the new baby seems like they are not getting enough, do not be afraid to supplement. Maybe it is a compromise that dh can be happy with. Best of luck.

— Yes! Hopefully we can get the best of both worlds! I just want a healthy baby

— Breastfeeding is such an emotional roller coaster & can really mentally break you...men do not get that.
I can recall so many times that I would cry by myself bc of my frustrations. Don’t let him guilt you. He genuinely just cannot understand how much of a toll BF takes on a woman. Do what YOU need to do to stay mentally & emotional healthy for your little one...It’d be unfair to them if you were miserable all the time. Take care of your own well being, momma, & that baby will be the luckiest little nugget. ❤️

— @izzyaspie, I didn’t cry everytime I breastfed...but I had a very low supply & id get so frustrated with the power pumping & seeing no difference & heaven forbid I spill anything I pumped...my whole world would feel like it was crumbling. It can literally feel crippling & you really can think so negatively about yourself through the process. It’s so hard.

— God it's so hard !! I'm just so mentally drained already and feel like I just cant do it.... i just had another talk with him and he said he just wishes I gave my body and baby a chance because this is our last and he doesnt want me to regret it later and he wants the best for him !

— @kaycharwy312, Awh, babe! Don’t feel like you have to do anything other than feeding your baby, in general. Lol But fed truly is best & they will be just as healthy with formula as they would with breast milk. It’s not worth the stress if it’s going to affect you negatively.

— I couldn’t breastfeed my son. And I’m already betting on not being able to breastfeed my daughter. Do what YOU want. You’re growing this child. If trying to breastfeed is going to cause these emotions I personally don’t think it’s worth it. I will tell you, you have not failed any of your children. Your body has not failed your children. It is a blessing to be able to breastfeed. And the unfortunate truth that a lot of women can’t breastfeed. Don’t let your husband get you down. He should be supportive of you and your decisions.

— Thanks so much 💕

— Tell him to nurse the baby then. It takes a lot of work to breastfeed a baby. Pumping is even more work! Don't let him make you feel bad, it's your body and your choice. Fed IS best. 💕

— I had a nurse tell my husband this in the hospital when I had our son. Lol he shut up real quick.

— Fuck him . It’s one thing for other moms to shame women for the way they choose to feed their baby but for your husband to be doing it is a whole other show .

Fed is best. You do need to do what you feel is
Best for your baby.