Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

these huge pads are uncomfortable 😣

these huge pads are uncomfortable 😣


— Ugh they really do suck. It’s almost like wearing a diaper! But those cooling pads are the shit! How u ans baby girl doing?

— i never got cooling pads 😳🤩 but we are great she is so calm and easy!

— @adeline., what?!?! Are u home already? If you’re still in the hospital ask for those bad boys!! They saved me after birth! Happy to hear you’re both doing well

— You had your baby!?

— yesterday morning :)

— @adeline. Awww congratulations!!

— @mamaxkat89, thank you!

— I just used the overnight ones 🤷🏼‍♀️

— @adeline., @mommy_________,
I did it with all my girls! And I already got them in my bag for this baby 😅
I rock that diaper and robe 😂

— Adult diapers! I swear by them!

— Thaaaays actually a good idea lol Ive been dreading what to do after baby is here but I’ll definitely have to remember to try that 🤔🤔

— @lets-get-this-bread, girl add them to your hospital bag list so you don’t forget 😉

— Me too! Adult diapers all the way, don’t mess with the huge pads.