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I have a feeling this will be my toughest fast yet. Ate my …

I have a feeling this will be my toughest fast yet. Ate my last meal two hours ago and I’m already getting hungry. 2 hours down, 15 to go 😂


— Also check dates on articles 🙂 a lot of new info is out there. Do what works best for you, I was just giving you something to look into.

— In my research I’ve only come across “Some research on animals suggests that intermittent fasting could negatively affect female fertility.” (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/327398#side-effects-and-risks) and I’m not ttc so i wouldn’t apply that necessarily

— I’m not sure if I’ll do it long term. I’m just interested in how it makes me feel! And it’ll help my BP issues


— Not going to argue with anyone. But if you do your research and not look at random blogs or a nutritionist who IF would put out of work lol you’ll find studies and facts. Don’t trust everything google tells you! Also, the Obesity Code book explains it all as well with facts to back it. You can also look up anything from Jason Fung.

— Drink agua!! 💧

— What’s aqua

— @kellynicole, water!

— @shauna.johnson, Hahahaha 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

— This is just a snippet. I’ve been looking a lot into it. I wouldn’t write a bullshit comment. Just something to look into @kellynicole,

— If you’re a rat, you shouldn’t fast. Studies did show for RATS it affected hormones negatively. However, the study on HUMANS, were mixed as it is individualized. I fast and have never had an issue where Jane Doe does and she stops having periods. It’s different for everyone.

— @phoenixxxx, do you have a link to that?

— @kellynicole, https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/diet/why-women-should-not-fast-for-more-than-14-hours-and-other-truths-about-intermittent-fasting-revealed/articleshow/70654008.cms


— ^not true.

— Women are only supposed to fast 12-14 hours a day, other wise it can mess with your hormones!

— If you feel hungry drink water!! You can also try some pink salt.

— Right now I’m filling up on black coffee then I’ll switch to water!