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Best way to clean carseat straps....and go! My daugher puke…

Best way to clean carseat straps....and go! My daugher puked all over her carseat


— @whereswaldo @jennatess pkay thank you guys it's a mess I might just have to get a new one:(

— A lot of car seat companies will send free replacements if you tell them what happened. It stinks but getting the straps really wet weakens the fibers and can cause the straps to fail. Sorry 😔

— @whereswaldo yeah I already went over this once with my ftm ass lol baught a hole new one. So I'm not trying to do that again lol it's a safety first so I'll call them thank you

— I took my daughters whole seat apart.
I made a paste with white vinegar + baking soda and scrubbed like crazy with a tooth brush. I let it dry, then I brushed it off. Then I patted it all dry with a microfiber cloth. Then I went crazyyyy with Lysol. THEN, lol, I let it sit out in the direct sunlight for a couple of hours to dry and kill any more germs.
That did the trick, and when I say she covered her seat with puke - I mean it.
It was horrible. Literally sopping wet, but this worked!

— Did you soak the straps with the vinegar though? How did you get the paste off?

— @whereswaldo, I used the baking soda and then added drops of vinegar until it was like a toothpaste constantly. Then I just scrubbed and let it dry. Then I just dusted it off. It came right off.

— @whereswaldo, I realized I skipped that step when I wrote it out. 🙃 I updated it!

— If it’s really bad replace them. Otherwise damp cloth and wipe them. Do not submerge though or get really wet.

— This

— This!