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Strange question, What kind of car do you have ?? who know…

Strange question,
What kind of car do you have ??
who knows their cars? I am thinking about getting a car but I don’t want a huge car or a truck just something simple and that will get me from a to B. Low maintenance? Isn’t a gas guzzler ?


— I have a 20 year old Lexus es300 with 225k miles on it that still runs and the biggest issue is it needs new tint on the windows. I drive an Acura MDX daily but if I were to go back to a car I would go Honda Accord. The MDX and accord have the same engine and my Honda and Toyota products have always been the most reliable.

— That’s what my mom was telling me

— When I was looking the best affordable SUV with best gas was the Nissan Rogue!

— Toyota's are great on gas, like a Prius. Toyota's last foreverrr too.

— A Honda or Toyota would be good. Great gas mileage and they last forever.

— 2019 Toyota Camry
I like it and good on gas ⛽️
Spacious with a big trunk so that’s a plus .

— @teresha_h, to be honest I’m not sure . I got it in April and I live in Arizona. It looks pretty though 👌 I’ve always wanted a Camry though .

— @mmgarcia81, that’s one reason to get my ass out of Ohio lol

— @teresha_h, holy crap I got leather seats .Not good in the summer!!!!!

— We have a 2017 Honda Accord and 2015 Acura TLX. The Honda Accord is spacious and comfortable. Great on gas and reliable. The Acura is a luxury car and we haven’t had an issue but we know that they can be expensive to fix even if it’s minor things. It uses the most expensive gas and doesn’t have a lot of space. I don’t see the TLX as a family car. I’ve seen that the most reliable cars are Honda, Acura, Lexus and Toyota. they can last a loong time. I’ve had a couple Honda that’ve had over 200,000 miles didn’t have any issues and ran great.

— 2020 Hyundai Elantra

— I’m so so late. Thank you 😊 I was looking at a Toyota or Honda but it seems like most places have only older ones like 2005 for “cheap” and then the newer ones are like 4000 down
I’ve noticed a lot of you ladies are telling me higher mileage is kinda better but then my man keeps trying to say don’t get anything at or over 100,000 miles 🤯🤯

— @teresha_h, listen to your man. Higher mileage definitely not better. You want a car that has as low miles as possible. You want it to last as long as possible. I bought mine new with 11 miles right off the lot, I pay a slightly cheaper note each month compared to my 2016 Hyundai GT hatchback . My credit has improved so financially things change a little . I did put 2k down on the GT and then traded it in a year later for 2020.
Took it to every service , car fax is CLEAN lol . We even got some more money back from the dealership because of what the car sold for.

— @cuppacoffee, I’m trying lol it’s so hard to find one at these little side dealers though. My credit will most likely not get me anything good from a Good dealer or so I think