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So apparently some kids parents forgot it was Valentine’s D…

So apparently some kids parents forgot it was Valentine’s Day and forgot to bring in the little cards so my daughter calls me crying and her teacher gets on the phone and says she made Maddie give half of hers to another kid so that they can both have something to pass out and that she also made three other students do the same thing because it was four kids that forgot to bring them. My thing with this is why didn’t you call those parents earlier in the morning and ask them if they could bring it up to school or bought some with your own money to give kids to pass out. Don’t take from my child to give to someone else it is not my job to provide for kids who’s parents forgot. These schools get so much money they should have extras for situations like this and she definitely should’ve called me prior asking me if it was okay.


— The kids where the parents forgot, would simply not receive any cards. If you want to participate you have to contribute too.

— Exactly I agree!

— Yeah that does not sound good. Your kid must have been so confused... but I can see what the teacher was thinking. It seems to make sense from her perspective so that all kids are treated equally, but doesnt make sense once put into action lol because you're essentially stealing from the kids that were trying to be thoughtful. 🤦‍♀️

— hell fucking no, that’s bullshit! i’d have been PISSED. especially if you got my kid in fucking tears over it. their kids aren’t my responsibility or problem. just because their parents fucked up doesn’t mean MY kid suffers. looks like you better start calling some parents so the parents can deal with it. not the rest of the class. for all that you could have saved your money and not sent any if that’s how it works and they’ll just provide for your kid anyway. maybe i’m an asshole, idk, id be heated asf though. if my kid wanted to split them then cool but other than that, not okay.

— This is exactly how I feel! Not my responsibility and if you’re worried about kids being left out they could’ve allowed these kids to make some or bought a few boxes from dollar tree in case of situations like this. It also bothered me that she picked my kid out of a class of 25 like what was that about? I did speak with her and she did apologize but I’m still mad she made my kid cry and ruined her day.

— @alicianoelle32, exactly! You punished MY child who did nothing wrong and wanted to pass out her own valentines. ALL of them. Not half. If she offered then it’s different but obviously if she’s in tears she’s not happy so why do that to her? Now all you did was just choose a different kid to have upset.

— Even though it's not the teachers' responsibility always, I think they still could have bought a few cheap cards from the dollar tree JUST to avoid something like that happening. Dont take from the kids smh. This reminds me of how some schools say bring in multiple supplies to pass around the classroom which pisses me off because not everyone got it like that & can only afford what they can for their own child.

— A couple of weeks from now Wal Mart will have all of those leftover valentines for 90% off. My mom used to buy boxes of them for 10 cent each for my kids to play with and make up valentines. They could definitely think ahead and stock up for next year.

— @blueismycolor see that would be a good idea!

— Exactly!

— My daughter's teacher emailed parents and was like

If you need assistance, can't afford it please let me know. I will help you out.

So I would have been extremely pissed if this happened to my kid!
I get parents work and stuff but they could've made homemade ones easily.

Our teachers don't get any extra income for these. She's constantly running out. Of glue, crayons etc. She replaces what she can out of pocket but always encourages people to donate!

— It’s funny how we are supposed to kids to share , this isn’t the case at all “what adult shares ,here’s my new car sure stranger go drive off “not happening unless they want to pay my bills that I pay , I would definitely go in person and tell the teacher I don’t appreciate you making my child cry , if some kid’s parents didn’t bring candy for their own kid or other’s she should have called their parent to remind them hey we have a Valentine’s party do u want your child to participate or not

— The thing about it is that they had been telling us all week about it. When we pick the kids up “we’re having a party” they also sent home papers telling us what to bring so I’m not sure how anyone forgot but either way like you said they should’ve called the parents to remind them... and yes I definitely said something because I don’t like how she picked my kid out of a class of 25.

— Wow!!! I actually had a teacher see that my daughter (she had a see through back pack) had a ton of sharpies, she got for her birthday and told my daughter that the following week, she needs to bring them too share with the class for a project.

When dd told me this NOPE!!! I took all her sharpies and only gave her 2 for the project, which was what she needed to do it.

It pissed me off so bad! Its not may daughters job to provide for the entire class.

— Oh hell no. Sharpies are expensive!

— @blueismycolor yeppp!!! She had gotten them as a birthday present, she has literally every color normal size and fine, she loves drawing, so I was like hell no!!! If the teacher needs help with supplies, she needs to contact us parents and ask for donations, NOT tell the kids they have to share, especially thinks that arent bought for school purposes.

— I don’t like the idea of them taking the supplies at the beginning of the year to split it up. Especially since I buy my daughter personalized stuff with her name on it and cute little notebooks. I understand some parents can’t afford it but maybe they should find resources that donate for kids who have parents that can’t afford things? I don’t know.. not my problem lol but I think it’s wrong.

— My mom is a teacher and they dont provide funding for extra supplies the teacher does with kids and of the teacher pays for it (because of trump) they no longer get a tax write off for it and teachers already dont make enough as it is. I understand your frustration with that situation. I feel the same way but they should have just said of you dodnt bring any you just wont pass them out. The ones that did brong them will and the ones that didnt bring them they can just still get the ones the others are passing out without them passing them out themselves. That was stupid.

— I agree with your opinion on how it should have been handled. I remember being in school and the teacher saying “those that have something to pass out can do it now”. The teachers never even brought attention to the fact some kids didn’t have them.

And btw, the $250 teacher deduction for teachers is still a thing 😬 it remained the same. Although, I do hope they raise it soon! Teachers deserve it!

— That's so messed up. Is this at a daycare or a public school. Either way the teacher didn't handle that situation well at all. I hope you say something.

— Public school and I did. She apologized I just wish she would’ve called me prior.

— Wonder if these parents forgot or just didn’t care? Poor kiddos. That wasn’t right that they took from your daughter either. 😠

— Socialism 🤣

But no seriously I would be upset to. It’s not your 4 year olds responsibility to make up for an adult forgetting something. That’s ridiculous

— Yeah that’s not okay. I would have been pissed.

— or she could have given the kids time to make some cards in class I don't agree with taking it from the other kids

— That would have been a perfect solution