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Long read... Soooo... were currently not TTC since my 3rd m…

Long read... Soooo... were currently not TTC since my 3rd miscarriage in December! We decided to just focus on other things instead, no tracking, no opks, no temping, no nothing. We would just avoid sex around my usual ovulation time, for a week ahead of time and days afterwards to be safe. Now I'm in a situation as Tim told he wanted to try again. It sounded good at the time, so I ordered a box of OPKs but was still a little on the fence about it. Well the ovulation tests came in a few days ago, I took one as soon as they came in as i felt sharp pains on my right side the night before they arrived. Sure enough it was super positive. I tested again the next day and it was negative. Normally, I have 2 days of positives, the first day the lines are of equal color, the following day its blazing positive third day negative. So with all my years of charting experience, I am assuming my tests were positive the day before my opks arrived, cd12. But There we were cd13 with a blazing positive. Super weird as I wasnt ovulating until cd19 before my miscarriage so I thought we were in the zone. We had sex cd 11, that morning. I should've been more careful or atleast have tracked my cycle after my miscarriage to know when ovulation is for me to avoid it but I just decided to do away with everything after my miscarriage. Now I have a chance at pregnancy as ovulation was either cd12 or cd13. I'm freaking a little bit but if it happens I just assume it's meant to be. When I seen that positive test, I then felt that I wasnt exactly ready. I cant believe it happened so early... before my first miscarriage I ovulated on day 14, perfect 28 day cycle. After my second miscarriage, it went to ovulation on cycle day 19, with a 30 to 31 day LP. Now after my 3rd miscarriage, it looks like my cycle has went back to where it was before I ever even had one. Crazy how miscarriages can throw your cycle off so much! Pray for me !!! I started progesterone today just incase I end up getting pregnant! 😫😫😫


— Hey love I've missed you@angikay

— I've missed you too girl !! How have you been??

— @angikay I've been good. And you? You went MIA for a minute there

— @blessedmama121619 yes I got a new phone, and I couldn't get the app from the play store anymore. I was deleting my old emails from my email and I ran across a link there where I could download. So I'm lucky to be back on !! Glad to hear you are doing well !!

— I hope you feel at peace with the outcome whatever it is!

— Thanks hun !!

— Aawww hunny I've missed you!!! This month will be YOUR month ❤

— @angikay I'm having vaginal... I'm a bit nervous because my baby kidney Is dilated but I know God has everything under control. Its been a wonderful experience

— @guevaramelissa08 oh no.. sorry to hear that, but isnt it amazing how they can tell these things from so early on ?? Its better to know than to not know. What are they going to do about it?? And you're very right, God has everything under control and everything is going to be just fine!! I cant believe in just a few weeks from now baby will be here... !

— @angikay yes it sure is ❤ doctor said they'll get him evaluated with a specialist once hes born. Sometimes it disappears within a couple of months if not then specialist will have everything planned out.

— I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Everything will be alright. If it happens now its meant to be. If it doesn't maybe sit down and talk and make sure you re really ready. I'm happy for you either way. I remember last year our pregnancies were so close, and we experienced some of the same complications.

— @mhbb29 how much does he weigh ?? He will be walking before you know it, scarlette has been standing , bending and picking things up unassisted for awhile. She is cruising alot also, she took 6 steps last night in the kitchen! That's as far as shes gotten with walking. Lol

— @angikay He ways 17 7 as of two days ago

— @mhbb29 scarlette was 19.1 at her 1 year appointment.

— I’m glad your doing what you need just incase, love. I hope that regardless the outcome it’s finally a happy one for you 🤞🏻

— Thank you love !