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Currently making a roux for some

Currently making a roux for some chicken and sausage gumbo

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— Imma need the finished product picture

— I'll post it!

— Take pictures of the process! I suck at making roux.

— I might just post my whole recipe

— @meaux, my hand don’t work girl! 🤣🤣🤣 idk what wrong with me.

— @amouryaya09 😂😂😂 the first few times i messed mine all up

— My roux right before I added the vegetables

— I usually chop my own vegetables but these are just as good

— Forgot to post a picture of the veggies in the roux but only sautee them for a few minutes. Then add your sausage

— Then you put in your chicken stock (2 32oz) I pan fried my sausage and chicken for a few minutes as well

— Add your chicken then throw in a few bay leaves and let it simmer for 1-2 hours

— Also have a glass of wine while you wait 😂

— After an hour season it to your liking. These are the seasonings I add. And I use a very small amount of gumbo filet and simmer for about 20 minutes uncovered and it's done