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My son has a bunch of sores in his mouth 🥺

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— Take him to be checked! It’s the time of the year for strep

— I sure am, I’m waiting for Peds urgent care to open up at 1:30

— Maybe hands, mouth, feet sickness

— He doesn’t have any rashes tho, and last time he had that it was all over his hands and soles of his feet

— HFM can be found just in the throat and mouth and not on hands or feet. I hate it!

— It was lol

— Mine had that too it’s probably a viral infection if it comes along with a fever mine had it almost two weeks all he could take was ibuprofen

— It’s herpangina, basically hand foot mouth but just in the mouth

— @domsmama96, oh man hopefully u don’t bf it’s contagious 😭