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8 weeks and I already feel so done for. Absolutely 0 motivation. Even the littlest bit of coffee doesn't set well. Owies on top of owies and dishes and laundry up to my wazzhoo. I want and need a nap but my body and brain seem to be having a battle that rational helpful thinking isn't invited to 😅

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— Bless your heart girl! I know how rough it is, pregnant with a tot running around. I never had energy until my 2nd trimester and it was still very low energy at that point. I didn't think I would survive. Lol I hope you get some rest soon momma!🙏

— Thanks love! Its been rough! This one feels way more difficult than my first pregnancy :/

— @familygrown my 2nd was way different too!!!! It was so draining. I also breastfed my entire pregnancy so that made it worse. The only things similar were the backaches and heartburn!! Lol