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Just wondering if anyone’s kids have been like this! Maya is such a well behaved and caring little girl!

But this started a. few weeks ago when i would collect her from nursery at 12, as soon as she saw me she would say I don’t want you mummy! I don’t want to go home...
Which I thought ok fair enough she’s upset she has to leave her friends some extent she’s always been upset but she would still come with me etc.
It got worse day after day and sometimes would take ages to get her to leave...
Outside the nursery she would refuse to walk with me or in the direction we were going. I would get her moving... her crying obviously... but she would calm down...
Then some days not only would she say I don’t want you mummy, she would say I don’t like you mummy.... Have no idea where all this is coming from 😕😕😕

She’s just started her new nursery and Monday I collected her at 11, she reacted the same way. Yesterday I collected her at 12:45, she reacted the same way.... worst she’s ever been probably! Just a right grump with me...

Today I collected her at 3:30! And again it was the same! I thought it would be better as all the kids are being picked up at the same time... we all leave together.... she still said No I don’t want to go home, I don’t like you mummy.... Why isn’t a full day at nursery good enough for her? 😪

I brought some snacks with me so it distracted her a bit... I spoke to her about what she did yesterday and how mummy wasn’t happy.... and she changed back to herself again... a few hiccups on the way home but overall the best time after nursery we have had! anyway don’t know where I’m going with this...

May add, after about 30-40mins she’s back to her usual self and loves me etc and is giving me kisses and cuddles 😕😕🤔🤔

Some days when I’ve not taken her in she’s been completely fine, happy caring self... listening to me etc

And on weekends she’s good too...

So this behaviour must be because of nursery? As it doesn’t happen any other time. Anyone’s kids been like this when getting them from nursery or school?

I know it’s common for kids to act up or be upset when dropped to nursery... but she’s never been like that... just after... 😕 when she was younger she was kinda the same with playgroups too, didn’t want to go... we would always be the last ones to leave

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— I’ve noticed Daisy’s behaviour has changed since going in the pre school room with older kids. She calls me a poo poo, tells me to stop following/copying her. I think it’s just 3yo attitude 😆

— She’s been going since she was 2 lol, it’s never been like this and she was in a class pretty much with kids the same age as her lol 😆 I guess it must be 3 year old attitude... but it’s only when I have to collect her. Any other time she is fine xx

— Nursery is physically and mentally draining for them so they can be grumpy when you pick them up and they don’t want to leave!

— She’s been going to playgroups since she was 7 months old, crèches since 1.5, nursery since she was 2... Just kinda upsetting when I see all the other kids leaving with their parents nicely and greeting them nicely 😔 I’m kinda embarrassed at the way she talks to me in front of the staff... like what will they be thinking etc... I struggle with social anxiety.... I don’t want them thinking I’m a bad parent or she’s not happy or well looked after at home because she is... Just don’t like it when she says I don’t like you mummy in front of them etc or I don’t want you... From being at all the playgroups/ crèches and her starting nursery I’ve never once seen a kid that’s upset to go home 😔

— @beebeejgill, trust me, she won’t be the first child the teachers have seen act that way! Ellis used to cry when I dropped him off and cry when I picked him up. They just struggle to express their emotions. She’s at an important age now where she is properly developing her independence x

— @mrsbodell, Thanks hun! I feel a bit better now! Just dread what tomorrow will be like lol 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hoping she understands soon that going home is only temp and she will be going back the next day etc. She’s sleeping now! Probably going to have to move dinner earlier and bed earlier xx

— Faith is like this at 9 it’s like a switch. Hers is because I’m the ‘safe person’ she can let out all the frustrations she’s held in all day at school. Hers is part of her ASD but it’s apparently really common. Doesn’t make you feel better or help, but you’re not alone. I wish I knew how to stop it but I’m still learning x

— That makes sense hun, yeah I do feel alone in this... it got so bad a week ago or so of me getting upset/frustrated I didn’t want to take her to nursery but that doesn’t solve anything... I have to let her ride this out I guess and hope she find it easier to leave soon! Most of the way home is spent trying to calm her down, talk to her about why she’s feeling like that... trying to get her to walk with me, hold my hand... When in reality I want to be able to ask her how her day was and what she did today etc xx

— Ah don’t take it to heart I’m sure she doesn’t mean it! It’s a good thing she’s enjoying nursery. She could be picking up attitude from other kids and just testing your boundaries x

— I use to look after this child he use to cry when his mum picked him up and say I don't want to go home, bless them they say all sort of things but don't understand, have a word with her teachers see if they can prepare her before you come to pick her up, maybe get her coat on have her ready to leave nursery. I did this, 15 minutes before the child's mum came to pick him up I started telling him how his mummy is coming and she misses him so much, how they will go home and watch his favourite programme ect. Just to get him excited to go home. Shes having too much fun that's all it is x

— Yeah she already had her coat on when I walked into the classroom 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t think anything will prepare her lol xx

— My daughter is like this most of the time when I collect her she runs and hides or tells me she’s too busy and that she wants to stay! She’s fine as soon as I get her out though. Pretty embarrassing though when all the other kids coming running to their parents all happy and mine runs away🤣🤣 I take it as a good thing that she’s happy there! Xx

— @genieh, Omg lol! the other day I was standing literally next to her and she didn’t even realise it was me 😂😂 she didn’t look in my direction or anything And yup when she did see me she ran off! Xx

— @genieh, That mummy thing is funny! Because other kids would notice me before she did... They would say look Maya it’s your mummy etc 😂😂 xx

— @beebeejgill, yep as soon as the other kids see me they trundle back shouting “Erica it’s your Mummy” and she just ignores them!!! 🤣 xx

— Max can be similar coming home. I'm with him at nursery btw he's in the pre-school I work in! It literally is like a switch. He walks out all excited to go home then suddenly every little thing sets him off. It's a battle to get him to walk with us. I put it down to tiredness!

— My daughter was exactly the same had to literally carry her over your shoulder screaming and kicking but as soon as we got home completely changed back to her normal self. She was fine in the 6 weeks holidays no trouble at all since starting back it's been a 100 times worse her attitude is terrible 24/7 now but she has said " (name) told me this. Showed me that done this". I've even told her to not play with the naughty kids who has to go on the thinking chair or who are not nice hasn't made a difference tho. Hope you have better luck. X

— Not saying she doesn’t have fun with you but I think it’s because there’s so many toys there , they are excited and have “friends” x

— Yeah I get that :) maybe she doesn’t have fun with me lol! I’ve never really learnt to play with her much... because when she was breast fed every time I tried to play with her she would just want to boob... and that’s all she would come to me for really! Kept trying loads to playing with her but just ended up the same.. was frustrating watching other people being able to play with her solidly... She’s always been independent though and played loads by herself even at play groups! She’s got loads of toys at home.. we play with those, do drawing, colouring, art things... I take her to the park and she plays for literally 2 hours straight (again i have to drag her away crying lol) we play in the sand.. go on the swings.. slides etc! We look at aeroplanes and for the moon... birds... pick up leaves and sticks... we do quite a bit of stuff together xx

— @beebeejgill, It’s not personal, I know us mums take things personally though! They just never want the fun to end. Being independent isn’t a bad thing it’s part of their development although it makes us sad because they grow so bloody quick. X

— I can’t compare to nursery and her friends 😂😂 I mean I’m super happy she loves nursery and anything she sees or does lol But leaving anywhere she struggles with.., think the other day I was in the park for 3 hours with her, I got chatting to some woman, she was with her grandson so him and maya played abit x

— Charlie also is really tired when we leave and when he’s tired he’s angry! He soon has a nap after we get home xx

— I don’t think she’s tired, as 30 mins later she’s back to her normal self Today she was only being difficult for 5 mins, she was running after other kids leaving the school lol 😆 we stopped to look at some gold fish in a shop window... she almost made a fuss leaving them.. we were looking at then for like 10 mins lol xx

— @beebeejgill, oh bless her! Distractions are good but we do run out of them at times. Recently I’ve been sing the ABC song walking home or when he’s being a pickle it’s working for now lol xx

— When I pick Lexi up from school most days she is moody, runs off, tells me to go away and takes her coat and cardigan off and will just throw it on the floor. If she runs off with other kids she's ok but the minute we have to go a different way or get in the car she kicks off xx

— Yup very like Maya lol 😆 these kids! 😂😂 Glad I’m not the only one! This post has made me feel loads better! We are just about to leave as have to get there for 8:45! I pick her up at 3:30 ☺️ will see how it goes xx