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Sometimes I fantasize about being with other men. Obviously, it's not something I'd act on. But I'm not getting what I need from my husband in all aspects of our relationship so my mind begins to wander..

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— Have you spoken with him about it?

— Maybe it's time for a sit down as a couple of you haven't already talked about it.

— I’m in the same boat. 🤦🏾‍♀️

— I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about it without feelings like I’m being judged.

— @mommy.poppins, I completely lost attraction. Physical & emotional. It hurts me cuz I don’t want to start all over but it’s like how much longer am I supposed to suffer? Been together since we were teens & this the first time in my life I ever felt this way. My spouse doesn’t listen either. He makes me feel like it’s a female problem instead of just seeing what he can do or fix it.

— @basimahummiof3 inbox me

— @mommy.poppins, I sent the request

— @spookylyn @bodybycheetos I have. Numerous times. But a relationship cannot work if only one person is putting in the effort.

— Absolutely agree. I would suggest trying again. Maybe telling him something along the lines of “I’m unhappy and have been feeling unfulfilled. I love you but something has to change because we both deserve to be happy. Let’s try couples counseling” And if he’s non responsive, unwilling, etc, then it’s your time to make a decision. I’m glad you wouldn’t act on your needs/wants in that way. But there is absolutely no shame in making the decision to leave. You don’t have to stay in an unhappy relationship.

— I agree with spooklyn here. Tell him everything.