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I want to get my feet and eye brows done but my son will not take the bottle at all if I leave the house and he’s hungry. I had to rush home one day. What do I do ? I use the nanobebe bottles .

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— Try avent naturals

— I will order some tonight off amazon because I can’t keep being trapped in the house.

— Occasionally my daughter would take a como tomo bottle. I just made sure to feed and settle her down before leaving. That would give me a hour and a half, tops lol.

— @luv_2b_amomma, I’ve been there. Maybe have your husband wait in the car for you or take the baby for a walk close by..

— @aasi, that sounds like it could work ! My son loves when we go for walks in his baby carrier. So we might have to do that. Thank you ! 🙏🏽

— @luv_2b_amomma, you’re welcome!

— I usually took my daughter with me. She went with me to my last few times getting my nails and pedicures done.

— I won’t be able to take my son with me to the nail salon because he’s only 4 months . He wouldn’t sit for that and I don’t think the fumes are good for him. I use to take my oldest when he was like 2 .