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After cleaning her play area for

After cleaning her play area for what seems to be the 10000th time I’m starting to think just maybe she does have too many toys 😂

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— Yes she truly has a lot.. but if she play with it or most of it then I guess it’s cool. U could all ways donate some as she get older.

— She actually had more but I donated them to a women’s center

— Girl yes lol. Maybe it’s time to make some space and get rid of some if you notice there are some she won’t touch much.

— @earthymama, I think she needs a toys box too

— @momof5brats, yup maybe you’ll find some stuff on sale from the back to college section at bed bath and beyond or target.

— @earthymama, I can’t wait to move so she gets a big play room instead of a play area. Plus I’m getting her one more toy for her birthday next month and that’s it

— We have so many of the same toys for our kids lol. I need to get rid of stuff too. But every time i start they play with the stuff in trying to get rid of so it never happens lol.

— @catfish2220, oh no that sucks

— @momof5brats I was so sad. We Had a bunch from the baby shower that had letters from my family on the front page that are all gone now. I cried for days lol.

— @catfish2220, I’m sorry to hear and I know how you feel I lost a book that I had from when my older son was a baby but it got wet when my parents basement flooded

— Looks like you need to purge and donate lol.

— I just got her some new things because I donated..... I’m so backwards lol my name is Lydia and I have a problem with buying toys for my daughter

— Well that’s good. She has a lot of the toys my 4 kids got over the years. Definitely could have a day care.

— I am going to open a home daycare again

— That’s smart I wish I had the space for it I definitely would. I worked in child care for over 15 years.