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Hello i don't really know what to do here, well i'm pregnant and my fiance is a gamer, so he have friends online so am trying to do the same ..i'm first time pregnant and i don't know what to feel ,am worry a lot.We have dificult time with money.I'm every day at home ,staying in the room . Feeling lonely....😯😣😢

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— When youll get a baby u wont feel lonely anymore

— Welcome, you will make lots of mummy friends here and won't be lonely :)

— bless you. here are many of us like you. when you will have a baby you will be very happy and somebody you will be with for long time

— It says your first post is from Stourbridge, do you live in stourbridge too?

— No. I live in london

— I dont think its right for people to suggest that having a baby will make you happy and not lonely anymore. It doesnt necessarily some women really struggle with it, and sometimes can make you feel even more lonely as it's quite isolating in the first few months. Having a baby is hard work so I would work on your self happiness whilst you still have time so you're in a better place mentally for when baby arrives xx

— I agree with this! I was so lonely and isolated at first, still am for most part! Xx

— I agree, I was the loneliest I had ever been for the first year,