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Ladies how common is implantation bleeding? A little TMI warning now.. so last month i completely missed my period (which isn't completely abnormal for me, my period is ridiculous irregular, it has skipped months before but it'll usually come around the first week of the next month) well its already the 13th and i still haven't gotten my period.. yesterday i had a little bit of like brown discharge? Not sure if i could be pregnant or when the time would be to take a test.. help?

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— Test can’t hurt

— @bridgett727 kinda lol my back has been hurting and I've been needing to pee a lot xD and in my last pregnancy i got really horny (sorry tmi again xD) and i feel that way again lol but i don't know

— @anonmomtobe, yea it’s worth the .99 cents 😂

— @bridgett727 yeah ill try it just in case lol

— I had implantation bleeding with one pregnancy and not the other. I think it’s only like 25% of women experience it. It wouldn’t hurt to take a test. Get one from the dollar tree

— I think i will later today! Thanks, i was wondering because i don't remember getting it with my last pregnancy either 🤔

— Implantation bleeding is actually pretty rare. Not impossible. But more likely breakthrough bleeding. It’s very common even more so with irregular periods.

— @spookylyn ah i understand, i guess what was concerning to me was just the fact I've missed my period for so long

— @anonmomtobe, if your irregular you can’t really say you’ve missed it unfortunately

— @spookylyn true but i also usually don't bleed in between