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I don’t normally get the newest phone. I didn’t even have a smart phone until 4 years ago but this one is getting old and I really wanted some better picture ability with how many I take of the kids so I totally just preordered the new iPhone 11 to upgrade my iPhone 6. 🤣 Hopefully I like it.

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— Lucky you. I have the iPhone 8 Plus and I want the new iPhone 11 pro. My bf thinks I’m crazy just cuz I bought the series 3 watch.

— I don’t think I would have gotten the full benefit of going for a pro so decided on just the normal 11. Lol My hub tried to convince me to wait for the 12 to come out but I am sure he thinks I am crazy too since my phone still is in working condition. 😩 Men! Bah!

— @gecko_mom, yes men! But hey the 11 has really good quality picture. A lot of people were complaining about the iPhone XS Max because of the camera quality.