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I got this humidifier for my cold
& the Vapor Pads & the Vapor Liquid
Helps at night. It’s so strong I have it upstairs & it
Works all the way down stairs. Highly recommend
If you can’t sleep at night & have a stuffy nose, I
Recommend to purchase a humidifier

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— I feel like that would flare up my sons asthma being so strong. 😱

— You don’t have to use the vicks you can use the unscented ones, but I would recommend asking his pediatrician first.

— I bought one at one point too and I loved it. I love the smell of vicks lol

— Yes, it works so good. Before I started using it I couldn’t even sleep & now that I’ve been using it it works WONDERS!

— @antwonika my son loved it too, he used to help put the vapor pads in lol