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Girls I'm a nervous wreck 😬 my little girl starts preschool in January. She's will be 3. She's not sociable etc in terrified how she's going to be I take her out but she's so clingy may occasionally talk to other kids but very rare! she goes to playgroup but is so shy so what do I do? How do I prepare her im scared she's going to be hard work putting her in school help?

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— You can stay with her a few hours :) How are you hun? Not spoken in awhile? Xx

— What for the first day or something? Oh hey hun! Sorry yeah I know I kinda took a break from this and what's app etc just lost track of people lol. Yeah im doing OK how are you and little one ? Xxx

— @jadekelly1992, Yeah there should be a settling in period where you can stay with her a few hours :) I’m great, Maya’s good too Xxx

— @beebeejgill ooooh right we have a meeting in November not sure about the settling in thing though. But that would be alot more better for her. Awww im glad! Xxx

— @beebeejgill what's your number I'll add you on what's app xx

— 07950951141 xx

— @beebeejgill sorry I deleted this app I've added your number I'll message you mine if your online? Xx