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One of my hardest battles is to stay motivated when i feel so held back ...i have 4 kids and no real help , i cant work because i dont have nobody to watch my kids and i am scared of daycares on top of the fact i feel like my kids father keeps me held back , i am at a loss and dont know what to do anymore starting to feel like maybe i need some therapy

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— And that is ok! (Not the holding back part) But I feel your post. Except it’s my husbands health that is my issue.. Nonetheless you have to balance in time for yourself. It’s vital. You can’t be good mom or person without recharging yourself. That includes mind, body and soul! 💓

— Yea iknow but its hard too when your kids need things but u cant get it because your broke choices in life led me to where i am but nobody can give me a answer on how to get out

— How does your SO feel about the situation?

— @brownsugarluv its a big story with my SO ...there is so much to this story