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Now for more important things What's for dinner tonight y'…

Now for more important things

What's for dinner tonight y'all?
Love seeing the food posts.


— Brinner

— Pizza Hut

— we had pulled pork sandwiches chips and fruit we are at the cabin so simple dinners

— Still sounds delicious! Have fun!!

— @mychemicalshaymance

hotter than crap out lol thank goodness for the lake

— Making chicken, rice & veggies but since it’s a Rotisserie chicken that I bought I’m making me a salad with the works that means whatever I find of vegetable. I will post it once I make it!

— Oooooo sounds delicious! Look forward to seeing the end result!

— Burger King. 😂

— Ooo yasss, what'd you get lol

— @mychemicalshaymance, Original chicken sandwich smothered in extra mayo. 🤤😂

— @scream.queen nice!!

— Whatever everyone wants that’s quick & simple 😂 personally I chose a bowl of cereal & I have no shame 🤣

— Good choice 😂

— @mychemicalshaymance, I’m honestly surprised Bobby Flay hasn’t been in contact to bring me on the show . He’s never had a bowl of cereal like mine before 🙌🏽🤣

— Homemade bacon cheeseburgers and garlic fries for the family. Chicken Caesar salad for me.

— Girl save me a plate too lol

— Sounds so good! I’m also making a salad for me too!

— Pork and potatoe on the grill. Its been cooking all day lol

— That's about to be so delicious 😍

— @mychemicalshaymance was definitely

— Breakfast for dinner. Blueberry and cottage cheese pancakes and pork roll egg and cheese

— That's sounds amazing! Save me a plate I'm coming over lol

— Teriyaki chicken bowls. Cauliflower rice for me. Regular rice for everyone else.

— Teriyaki chicken 😍

— @mychemicalshaymance, the kids actually don’t complain about this meal which is 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. I might throw some pineapple in with it. Haven’t decided.

— @squishymommy1 yasss do it lol. Pineapple is amazing with teriyaki.

That's actually the only reason my stomach can handle the sauce, pineapple 😂

— Pizza cake and ice cream

— What type of cake. 😏

— @mychemicalshaymance
Half chocolate half white. Little mermaid theme

— @nerdymommyplus2 ooo sounds delicious!

— Hubs is grilling some steak, I’m making some rice and mushrooms with corn probably!

— Ooo that sounds delicious! I miss steak lol.

— Pork loin! Idk if I will grill or bake...🤔

— Grill

— @kx2girlmommy, instapot it is 😂 it was still slightly frozen. Cooking now and smells amazing

— @phoebesmommy, lol😋

— Either spaghetti or what my husband calls fiesta casserole 🥰 both my favorites

— Sounds delicious!!