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I meant to ask my doctor this today, but I totally forgot. I have been having crazy lightening crotch.. I don't by any means think I'm going into labor or anything like that, but is lightening crotch an indication of anything?

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— No, it’s just pressure from baby.

— Same here I asked about the pressure and pain today she said it’s normal and hurts lol, she said it’s from baby pushing on everything but she checked me to be safe, have to go get a recheck in a week but thankfully cervix is closed and thick but she said it’s a little low so he must be sitting low but she wants to recheck just to be safe and make sure nothing changes in a week

— @kandaceteresa hahahahah yesss!! So scary 😂 and always here these horror stories of people giving birth on the toilet and shit. No thank you.

— @emmahrenholz, omg yes lmaooo I always have that fear when I’m close to my due date and have to poop and am having a hard time I feel like I’ll push the baby out lmaooo!

— @kandaceteresa omg yes! Lmao so scary 😂😂 I'm probably so overdramatic about it but I dont live close enough to the hospital for that to happen! I'll be having a baby in my bathroom.

— Nope, it's just REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying 😅

— Lol ain't that the truth. 😂😂