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Hey ladies !
I have a cold !!😭
The left side of my tummy hurts everytime I cough a lot ! Do you guys think that is normal or that I should see a doctor ! I just don’t know if this cough can harm my baby in any way 😭

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β€” Am on the same boat everytime i sneeze everything hurts πŸ˜•

β€” Awww sucks huh!! I’m not really sneezing just coughing a lot ! And my left side tummy hurts everytime I do ....

β€” @cheeks600 i sneeze then cough everytime i cough i want to throw up maybe your stomach hurts because when u cough it stretches more

β€” @makaylas_mommy102415, you’re right it might be that ! I hate being sick !!!

β€” Probably pulled something from.coughing so hard !