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The way my son acts is just TOO much. I definitely feel he has some type of hyperactivity going on. Can anyone relate or have suggestions how they manage to calm down their children or get them to use up that energy?

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— YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im about to break down as we speak

— ✋Mine too is wild I had to question the dr about the way my kid acts. My sons 2 and as wild as can be. Has more energy then I think I ever had lol

— @twoz_s, @linacorral1562, he’s recently started having nightmares and wakes up all of us including his 1yr old sister. Today I was by myself with the kids because my husband went to military drill, and he was just AWFUL. My husband is always around and is the only one he listens to. If I tell him something he could really careless. He isn’t afraid of punishment or timeout. Today he was really aggressive with his sister, and just doing things he knows he’s not suppose to do. He can never stay just seated somewhere. When I stay home and it’s not a good day for all of us it makes me not want anymore kids. lol 😫 I don’t hit him because when I have done the ocasional smack on the hand he didn’t listen anyway. I’ve brought it to the attention of the doctors, but they say he’s “too young” to tell. I wouldn’t want to put him on medication. I would just like resources or classes to take him too. He doesn’t like daycare at all. And I’m afraid that when school starts I’ll get nothing but complains again. I def think somethings up with him, but again “he’s too young”

— Don't worry you're not alone I got the same response from the dr. Also, that it could the terrible twos. But I know at least I feel like its not. My 2yr old son is nothing like my other children he is far beyond brave and can tear things up really quick. My other boys were well behaved and well mannered. This one child of mine he is truly a gift from god to test my patience daily lol.

— That’s exactly how I feel,.. since he was little! My daughter is chill and not like him at all. I don’t remember any of my 3 siblings act the way my son does

— @mumstasin Right! I tell my husband you've truly met you're clone.

— @mumstasin Today my son poured laundry soap on my aunts phone my eyes couldn't believe it. I just put the laundry soap down not even a min and he had a cup pouring it right on her phone smh. And when he is quiet it only means he is really doing something😠

— My 5 year old is in kindergarten all day from 8-3. You’d think he’d come home and rest. Nope! He comes home, takes off his clothes and runs around the house like a tornado. I tell him how do you have so much energy?