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Have any moms been in a shelter with their baby or children…

Have any moms been in a shelter with their baby or children? What was it like and how did you get things done? I am likely going to have to go in a shelter with my daughter this summer. My family's house is digusting and her dad used to be abusive and I don't want to risk anything.


— @dankerson mine wasn't willing to let me live with my daughter because I left her with her father. I didn't appreciate it. Luckily I got pregnant again (sounds terrible) so my fiance's mom let me move in

— @diva5003 that sounds like the shelter I was in before I got pregnant. It wasn't too bad it just seemed like they didn't care about helping you get into a better position. It was a youth shelter so you'd think they would be helpful

— @dankerson absolutely. Shelter's aren't terrible. Especially when there are children involved. There are freedoms taken away and a set time to be in, no food allowed anywhere but the kitchen, but for the most part it's not bad

— @diva5003 I'm not working, atleast not yet and the one I'm looking into has a child care facility. I'm concerned about the staff and the other residents. Did the people where you were seem nice and helpful or was it otherwise?

— I was pregnant in one. I doubt that helps. But I do know the mother baby area wasn't bad. I'm pretty sure you had to have your own childcare though

— I have not however my half sister who I am quite close was in a shelter twice once with her kids and pregnant at the time. She had her own room to share with her kids and the people there were really supportive and helped her in every way to get her on her feet and into her own place. Shelters are not as bad as people think and def better then having your child in an unfit environment, her bd was abusive and that is why the ended up in the shelter. Feel free to message me if you want.