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Hot night ? Yes I had one hot night.

Hot night ?

Yes I had one hot night.


— No one can come to fix it until tomorrow. Guess I should be grateful that
1. It wasn't a wait until next week
2. I'm renting and don't have to pay for the repairs.

— Lol I've been taking cold showers and sitting in front of the fan instead of drying off. Today it was cooler outside than in so we played in te sprinkler and ate Popsicles all day. Biggest problem is I'm so hot DD and I just sweat to death while nursing. I've been guzzling water, but still a little dehydrated and my milk has taken a hit so she's been getting some formula to help her stay hydrated.

— By the time I get dressed after showering, I'm already starting to sweat again. This summer has been soooo uncomfortable. Idk what I will do when we go to Phoenix soon. It's 115 there ?

— We finally got our AC fixed a few weeks ago. It was 15k ? but so much happier now!

— Take a t shirt or a towel and wet it and put it in the freezer. Them once it's frozen put it on your head and sit in front of a fan. Sounds silly but it helps. Lol

— Oh man! That's a huge bummer!!!