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Are you craving... Any smells? Does that make sense? I hav…

Are you craving...

Any smells? Does that make sense? I haven't during my whole pregnancy but all of a sudden just now I got the urge to smell car exhaust or gasoline. Omg...like a huge craving to smell it. So weird ?


— Indoor pools so I can smell the chlorine. Outdoor pools just aren't doing it justice

— I realllllly want a chocolate chip pop tart

— When I was pregnant with my son I craved the smell of mint ice cream and waffle syrup mixed together. I didn't eat it at first, just smelled it lol.

— All the time!! I love pumping gas!! Or even when smelling new tires! I love to smell exhaust and the smell of finger nail polish remover

— I crave the smell of exhaust, gasoline, fresh tar, rubber, oil... they will literally make my mouth water. I do not have a deficiency and know better than to lick, eat, or huff any of these things. I always joke that this baby is gonna be a race car driver.

— I think they say if u crave chalk or harsh fume smells it's because u have an iron or calcium deficiency... Hope u ladies aren't indulging to much as not good for u or your growing LO :)

— Fabric softener and cleaning products.

— For me i love the smell of a damp bath sponge. I only do it when im in the bath but i love the smell of my bubble bath mixed with the sponge. I wring it out and sit there with it against my nose :/

— Pinesol

— @raven

Dang it. I am low in iron. I'm gonna start taking iron supplements tomorrow ?

— Not me, but my friend was obsessed with the smell of petrol and those thick black markers / textas.
She used to carry one in her pocket and take a whiff when the urge hit ?

— I crave the smell of Eucalyptus soap lol. They have some at my school and I would constantly wash my hands with it and smell my hands like a total freak! My cousin bought me eucalyptus lotion and I love it!!!

— I crave the smell of gasoline

— Chalk!!!!!!

— My mom used to crave pinesol. Lol