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What kind of monster is this??? Is it venomous?

What kind of monster is this??? Is it venomous?


— Lol @em and yellow.

— Looks like a dead spider to me if it were in my house!

— ?????

— Nope no thanks I'm not that interested in counting eyes.?

— Oh look... If you do that ^ then you can get close enough to counts it's eyes OP.


— If you freeze them with canned air, their legs stay out straight until they start to thaw. I like to scare my kids and dh doing it cause when they start to thaw their legs slowly curl up and it looks like they're alive and coming at you hah

— I'm gonna go with normal ol house spider

— Not a brown recluse, the marking does not look like a fiddle. Legs are a bit different too.

— Exactly. lol.

FWIW I don't think it looks like a recluse.

— This is where my can of hairspray comes in handy!

— @runs a could barely get close enough to kill it let alone get close enough to count eye

— Looks like a regular ol house spider to me. The kind that kinda hurt then itch if they bite, but no big deal.

— Brown Recluse

— It's doubtful it's a brown recluse since they aren't normally out during the day. There are a couple spiders often mistaken for brown recluse a though... Only way to really tell is to count it's eyes, pretty sure noone is getting close enough to do such a thing though. Lol

— It kind of looks like a brown recluse spider to me and if it is then yes it's venomous.