Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

YOU GUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU GUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


— ????


— It's supposed to be dark. Space doesn't have much light ?

— ???? well I'm glad he liked it! Sorry it put you back in the line of favoritism fire. ??

@kmacc maybe..... One day. Lol Right now my shop really doesn't get much traffic from interested customers abroad. Maybe if it did I would consider opening up the added stress. ????

Shipping is scary guys. ?

— My dad LOVED his. I'm regretting sending them now, because it's put me back in the line of fire as favorite child ?

— @squish Seriously, every order I swear off ever making flowers again bc I worry about them being good enough for the money my customers spent on them. It's bad. Lol

— I'm just the brains of the theme. Runs (and her husband) did all the work

— Yes it is and better than I could ever have dreamed up in my imagination. You are such a talented squish! So beautiful!

— They look lovely! I wanted to make a canvas with flowers, but how do you clean something like that?

— Well I cant imagine anyone NOT liking your beautiful work...so that's probably a safe thing to worry about more ??

— @kmacc The thought of shipping my flowers internationally literally makes me lose sleep at night.

Shipping in general is scarier than worrying about the customer liking them! Lol

— Oh ok.

— Vader is back!!?

— They are made of paper. No I did not make them. I have not a single crafty bone in my body.

— Your right there on top baby!

— What are they made of? They are very pretty. Do you make them yourself?