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Teen mom2! Who watched it? Now that everything has died do…

Teen mom2!
Who watched it?

Now that everything has died down let's talk about important things😝


— Yessss! This season is gonna be soooo crazy!

— Oh wow! 😵 I had no clue about the crazy stuff with jenelle that happened.

— So what ever happened to Ryan? Is he in rehab? He has a kid on the way. 😬 The Jenelle thing doesn't surprise me. 🙄 Same shitty parenting, poor kiddos.

— It’s not lost on me that my comment says looses 😂 well she is pretty loose

Damn autocorrect 😒

— Were there cameras with her when it happened?? 😱 and she still did it? Wow.

— @laniejay, I mean they showed Ryan passing out at the wheel I would think they would at least give them to the courts

— @mommynes, I hope she looses all the kids after that! I may have to boycott MTV if they don’t release the footage to at least the courts in those cases.

— @curious.george, I just wanna see what's on the camera. So I can laugh at her crazy

— @laniejay, I heard about that! She said he was tailgating her and she was pissed. She even hit a few parked cars on her mission to follow him home. Freaking weirdo. And with jace! Yeah the courts really going to give him back to your batshit crazy ass now 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

— @doimakeyourandi I don't waannnaaaa, gramma fo lyfe👵🏽❤

— @i_accidentally, we call that fun place of knowledge. Socialll mediaaaaaaa. Come get some. 😘

— @i_accidentally, I haven’t heard anything. Supposedly they’re claiming he was the aggressor and he tried to kidnap her. Somehow with his magical powers he made her follow him to his house, smash his cars and mailbox then get out of her car to pull a gun 🤷🏼‍♀️

— Im dying😂😂 he's an idiot

— @mims giiirrrllll better late than never🐸🍵 you won't regret it

@laniejay did Jenelle get arrested or anything??! Why Tf was Jace in the front seat😭and he saw all of this

— @laniejay, lol I follow the juicy stories on fb so I find out stuff on there too lol