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Who’s down lol

Who’s down lol


— @diegosmommy0213, that’s mine too

— @mayastattooedmommy, love them too my fav villain Ursula

— @diegosmommy0213, yeah all of those are good

— @mayastattooedmommy, coco and Moana lil mermaid

— @diegosmommy0213, what really what’s your fave movie then

— @austinsmommy, lol nice

— Lol my kids got mad at me earlier for singing during the jungle book 😅 The simple bare necessities
forget about your worries and your strife

— @mayastattooedmommy, I don’t like that movie lol

— @diegosmommy0213, yeah I swear I sing every dang song I know when I watch Disney movies especially the song I’ll make a man out of you from Mulan

— @mayastattooedmommy, really? Lol

— Lol I literally posted that on my fb a while back