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Does my head in when people comment about Faye's eating whe…

Does my head in when people comment about Faye's eating when they don't know her. She was premature and has trouble with her intestines and suffers with long term constipation because of it. So sometimes she prefers puree to solid food, she only eats certain things. She eats solid food now much better but still likes both. Then people say why's she eating mushed stuff rather than whole food at her age, my kid was eating solid from 6 month, why aren't you trying her with it. Pisses me off, not gonna force her to eat solids when all that day she's been trying to go to the toilet and is in pain. 😠


— Same with Faye sometimes xxx

— My son has pureed foods sometimes and other foods as he tends to get up set or chokes on stuff he can't swallow xx

— Not*

— Exactly, she's a great weight too, it's nor like she's starved aha. It always feels like they are having ago but they have no idea, she really struggles at times. @jodie1809 @chesscalouise2 @muffinmay @sr63665 xx

— My baby was prem to people don't understand what you and your baby go threw unless they have been threw it ignore them hunni you no what's best xx

— A fed baby is better than an unfed one.... :D your doing a great job only you know what she needs not others

— Every child is different as long as shes eating who cares what it is haha @jessr19895x xx

— Ignore them, you know what's best for her and you don't have to explain to anyone, if they keep on then I'd just say it's medical and they will hopefully leave you alone. Your a wonderful mum, don't let anyone make you feel otherwise xx