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The hubby randomly sent me Chinese food . If that isn't lov…

The hubby randomly sent me Chinese food . If that isn't love for a preggo women. He ordered Chinese for him at work and figured I'd want some . So sweet !


— @krenee1120, I just read your last comment. That is so sweet!!!

— @krenee1120, don't feel bad. He just has a lot to learn. Lol! I'm happy for you!

— @kaseyjazmine, 😂 he says I'm always hungry so he knew when he ordered something at work , I probably was hungry too. Wasn't even expecting it . My daughter heard a knock at the door and it's the delivery man and the food was paid for. We have an alarm system that reports notifications when the door is open , closed ect . And he texts and says your welcome, feed my baby lol 😂

— @tiffanyf, are you at the point where your full all time ? That's how I was at my 38 week mark until I delivered .

— @morganmommy79, aww I'm sorry love. Making me feel bad . 😔

— @krenee1120, cause my bf wanted Chinese I wasn't hungry for a meal but fries sounded good 😭

— @tiffanyf cheese fries are awesome but how is that all you order from them. Omg 😲!

— @babyboy1117, lol 😂 too funny . You better put your orders in with him. Tell him your soon wants this and that . Whatever your craving lol

— Shoot. Tell him to send me some too. Lol

— My husband has never done this and prolly never will. 😑

— @krenee1120, Chinese leftovers are the best though !!

— @krenee1120, we ordered Chinese last night but I just got French fries and put some cheese on them 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

— My man better start taking notes! 😂

— Girl I'd send you a plate if I could . They send the biggest portions at this restaurant! I'll be on this for two days I'm sure . @tiffanyf

— So cute 😍😍where's mine at though 😒Lol