Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

This is the original picture with nothing done to it as far…

This is the original picture with nothing done to it as far as the lighting


— still to soon idk we will see gonna be going to get another test in a few days also I have never experienced pregnancy symptoms before ovulation so that's why this would lead me to believe that I may be because I know how my body works @dhamiphoenix,

— Wish you and your children the best if you are!

— @dhamiphoenix, we have been very active in having sex lol so I may have gotten pregnant a week or so ago and it may still be to soon I have ovulated yet this month

— You're 16 days away from period? That means you just ovulated which can give you similar symptoms of pregnancy because f the surge of hormones. The baby wouldn't implant for another weekish to give you symptoms.

— I've never noticed that line before in negative test I've taken so this is new to me

— Well it's still to early if I am there is no telling what day I got pregnant I am having symptoms of being pregnant lol I know my body and I'm 16 days away from missed period but me and hubby have been very active the past month and half so again no telling what day it happened I'm gonna retest in a few days @dhamiphoenix,

— I see the reflection of the test line that would turn pink if positive but I do not see a positive test.