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Mommas im having one of those days. My little one is having…

Mommas im having one of those days. My little one is having such a rough day teething he has bit me while nursing so many times today he will barely let me put him down his bigger cousin wgo has also been clingy has woken him up early from his last two attempts at a good nap. I just wish my husband worked different hours so i had help. From sun up to sun down every weekday its just me and my almost 6 month old ans i never have anyone who can tap in and give momma a break. Well guess who just started balling right along with her son? This lady. Complete overwhelmed anxiety attack. Ive calmed down and we are chilling watching nick jr but my chest is still hurting. I wouldn't trade my life for anything i just wish anxiety didnt exist, and i had time for myself everyday no worrying about baby


— @kambam thank you ❤

— Yeah it will only be bad for a while! Whatever it takes. Hang in there

— @kambam babywearing has been my saving grace lately, its the only way my house stays clean! The only thing he will chew on is his hands and mine! So usually i will pull him off for a minute when he bites and he will chew on either one, which usually fixes it but today it has been non stop! I think the tooth is about to break skin

— Sorry mama. Wear the baby! Then you dont have to put him down and struggle. Offer something to chew prior to nursing and if he bites remove him and offer something to chew again and back to nursing.