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My 6 week old is fighting sleep so bad and now you can't put him down at all!!! 😞 is this a stage or what can I do to help this habit?

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— its a stage. try baby wearing

— Did You try a Pacifier ?

— We went through this at the 6 week mark due to a growth spurt! This is a big and common time for a growth spurt and my son was very clingy and fussy and wanted to stay awake . Best thing to do is just give lots of cuddles , maybe try gripe water for fussiness and patience. Give it 2 more days at the most... It's because at this stage they are taking in new patterns and this is the part where they are starting their transition from newborn to the big world, hang in there mama!

— @sarahchey40127, thank you! That sounds about right with what your saying! We have some colic calm and I'll give that to him to help calm him!

— Good idea ! Hang in there , it was rough for a few days and it seemed as though whenever 5/6pm rolled around he would get super fussy off and on till about 9/10pm. Now he is 9weeks and there is a huge difference between the fussiness then and now . You got this !