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i'd like to give a shoutout to Brewers Yeast for my pumping…

i'd like to give a shoutout to Brewers Yeast for my pumping success today. 💗🙌🏻


— @babybowers, ok that makes me feel a little better lol

— @babybowers, that was my whole days worth of pumping, so don't get discouraged if you don't get that much from like one session! it was just a big deal for me to get 16 oz from pumping throughout my work day, i usually only get like 12 and then have to pump before work the next day so my baby has enough milk to last while i'm at work.

— Awesome! I didn't realize that you could just put it in anything, I might have to try it because I'm exclusively pumping and so my supply is starting to dip. I would love to be able to pump this much!!

— @babybowers, it has a funky taste so i put 1/3 cup of it into normal boxed brownie mix and just made "lactation brownies" and they're really good bc the yeast has an almost nutty taste to it so it was like chocolate pb

— How did you take the brewers yeast?

— @bianca_rose, thanks hun

— @amaperalta03, I get mine at Whole Foods

— @amaperalta03, i actually couldn't find it any wear so my manager gave me what she had leftover. i even looked at Earthfare. but you can always find anything online.

— Where did you purchase the brewers ?