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Rant. Child father came to act a fool at my house becau…


Child father came to act a fool at my house because I don't answer his calls or text nor his mother's... Then says why you acting like this after all we done for you... uhm you have done nothing for me .... so you can not even say we... And it's not about what you did.. you went and made a baby and now you have to take care of it... don't try to throw nothing up in my face like that.. I close the door and he kicks in the screen door... My mom tells him not to come back after I've told him repeatedly do not show up at my house or come to it... So he's laughing and shaking his head... then proceeds to fight with my mom boyfriend... the hell he then took me through these 9 months is ridiculous then gets upset because I don't answer your calls... Your out building a relationship with another female but cant try to work on us after 2 years of your bs... you put your every thing before my daughter can't take me to the emergency room because your high can't do nothing at all for me! But think I suppose to just let you back into our lives when she gets here... idc what anyone say about me and what I chose to do but he doesn't get all the rights I was going to let him have... because he chose buying designer clothes and shoes, paying 60$ for drugs everyday , hanging with your friends everyday!, getting super drunk... & choosing money & partying over us but can't buy This or that for your child so your mom has to do it... that's her money not yours! and I'm not his child mother I'm a bitch which he doesn't care to call me in front of his mother... Now you and your family want to blow my phone up today because you remember me telling you they were going to try to induce me ... now you want to have something to do with me oh no excuse my language but FUCK that!!!!


— It really does take more then saying that, your right! I didn't want a relationship from nor with him , I just wanted him to step up & do what he said he was going to do... That's all.. but every one thinks I'm so in the wrong from keeping him away and giving him certain rights... the guy is toxic. they would do they same if they were in my shoes! @harleyquinn420

— 🙌🙌🙌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 he lost his rights when he walked away the first time. Sounds like my oldest child's "sperm donor" (can't call him a father/dad when he's done absolutely nothing to earn that title). You can't say you have a child and expect that to make you a parent. Really wish fuckboys would understand that 😒