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I don't know what I'm supposed to do right now

I don't know what I'm supposed to do right now


— Thank you ladies. I'm trying to get through it. It's going to be hard but I have to stay strong for my baby

— Thank you @babyhenderson2016 he's been in and out of the picture since I found out so I guess he's gone for good now. I just wish he would've had enough respect for me to tell me sooner so I could've dealt with this months ago and moved on with my life

— I'm so sorry beautiful that this has happened to you. Stay strong momma, it will be hard but you can do this. ❤❤ If you need a friend to talk to, I'm here.

— Sorry you're going through this. You have to realize that you can't make someone play part to something they don't want too,especially when it comes to being a father. At least he's telling you now before the baby is actually here. I know it's hard I've been there.

— I'm so sorry you're going through this. I know how hard it is but just stay positive for you and your baby. My fiancé left me about 2 months ago and we tried recently to work things out and I found out 2 days ago that he was talking to some other girl. It's so hard to think you have to do it alone but you're never alone! Idk what your relationship is with your family but there are always other people that will support you! Like all the momma's on here. Try to keep your head up girl, I know it's hard.

— Don't put his name on the birth certificate. You can do this on your own. You don't need someone like that in your life, let alone your daughters. I'd tell him, "okay. That's fine, but it's not or never to be apart of your child's life". Let him know he can't pick & choose and be wishy-washy. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. 😔

— Oh wow I'm so sorry :(