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My SO seems to think we need more than one baby carrier... …

My SO seems to think we need more than one baby carrier... Lol to be completely honest I didn't picture him ever wearing the baby. I think one is just fine, what do you ladies think?


— Same here! I love sales 😃 I rarely shop in stores because I find better deals online. @tiffrae

— having an extra one is sometimes good if you happen to leave yours in your SOs car or something and you need one. oh I know what you mean; I took in consideration of family who don't have alot of money when I put my registry together. I also am a sales queen, I haunt items for weeks until the price is good for me or a deal is going on for it.

— I just didn't want to put anything too expensive on there because not everyone has a lot of money on my family.

— I saw one for 120 on target, if no one buys it we're just going to get it. The infantino has good reviews and it's only 30 dollars. Guess it won't hurt to have an extra one. @tiffrae

— I got the ergo performance on sale back in December at target when it was on sale for $80; best investment by far I tried it on my niece it was super comfortable. I haven't tried the infantino but for the price of them I'm sure it's a good alternative if your on a budget.

— My husband and I got two. One pink one for me and one darker colored one for him.

— I just looked that one up (the ergo) and it has amazing reviews, I added it to my registry. I have the infantino one on there. @tiffrae

— my goal is to have an ergo (already have), a wrap, and a tula with one baby.

— One for sure is enough, you only have one baby, so its not like you both will wear it, and one only have the baby. I had one, the only problem is when its time to carry the baby, you have to adjust it to your size or his size, which depending on the carrier can take some time

— Thanks! @lilkountryma and I agree @hugoandrosiesmama one will do! If someone buys an extra for our shower I will keep it but I'm not going to put two on there.

— I just like the regular carrier, I'm not really fond of the wrap ones. @tiffrae

— There's no need for 2. Either you carry the baby at the time, or he carries the baby at the time. Why buy two dif carriers for one kid? lol Just buy an adjustable one that'll fit both you and him.

— Its up to you but its nice to have two in case one gets left at home or in the others car by accident. Plus its for him and makes him feel involved

— having different types is okay

— I guess we could, I just think one is enough lol it's not like there are two babies. @lilkountryma