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I'm going to stay at my dad's to visit for a week. He hasn'…

I'm going to stay at my dad's to visit for a week. He hasn't really seen the baby and she is 6 weeks old. He smokes inside his house, but won't smoke around the baby. The room I'm attains in he doesn't smoke in, but the smoke smell is in everything. Everyone is telling me it's a bad idea, but I was thinking of getting an air purifier to take with me. I really want to stay at his house. Ideas?


— @lalamichelle0707, no problem enjoy your visit :)

— Thanks @jujukiss he stopped smoking on that room a while ago I'll try that

— @lalamichelle0707, visiting outside the house is safest.you could always visit and put baby on a blanket then place it in a plastic bag and wash it as soon as you get home. if he never smoke in the room that you would be sleeping in you might be safe. just lay baby down on your items and not on his items.

— @jujukiss, is it safe to still visit during the day just not stay the night?

— Thanks @jujukiss

— it's still not safe there is a such thing as 3rd hand smoke. an entirely smoke free house is safest not only for you but for baby to.