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Have any mommas LOST weight while breastfeeding??! I've bee…

Have any mommas LOST weight while breastfeeding??! I've been EBF for 3 months and I GAINED weight 😥😣


— I gained 30 during pregnancy and have lost 50 I'm 4 months pp ( I was overweight to start with)

— I lost 30 after birth then gained 3 pounds then lost 4 pounds lol

— I gained 35 through out my pregnancy. and I lost 20 the first month.. but I gained 10 lbs back these last two months... 🙁@cms2014 @yungbae

— I've lost 35 in 2 months. I gained 40 my whole pregnancy.

— I had my daughter May 16 and my after delivery weight was 272.8. I just weighed myself and I am 252.6. at my lowest weight while pregnant I was 253. I was wondering if breastfeeding was the contributor to the weight loss

— I lost over 50 lbs within a month.

— I gained for the first couple of months then I started doing light work outs. Mostly just walking but that helped me lose a lot of weight. Once you start being more active it helps to lose weight