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When is your baby suppose to be head down ?

When is your baby suppose to be head down ?


— I wouldn't worry about her position until towards the end they can turn round loads of times before she's born :) x

— If you look at your maternity notes then your midwife will have put whether baby is head down hun xx

— Oh alright because right now I feel like she's everywhere... She ain't in one place @firsttimemummy646 @courtniegeexo

— so long as they are head down by 36w it doesn't matter. most are head down sooner. mines not yet!

— you don't your Midwife will tell you....unless you get further along then it feels harder down thrre and a little more pressure (or does to me anyway) @trevise

— My midwife said that when you get pressure when your period pains should be but you can also feel if it's hard there too xx @trevise

— But how do you know they are head down @firsttimemummy646 @courtniegeexo @natroberts88

— My baby was head down at 26 weeks but not engaged x @trevise

— Mine has only just moved head down. Was laying transverse until 33 weeks @trevise x

— mine has been head down since 28 weeks so I'm guessing anytime after that? x