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What do I have to expect my 1st OB appointment and did y'al…

What do I have to expect my 1st OB appointment and did y'all have cramps in early pregnancy?


— you need to take your medicine prescribed to you from your doctor, uti can be serious in pregnancy. cramping is normal as long as it's not too severe, if it gets worse then let your doctor know. the first appointment is where they will gather the medical history from you and the baby's father, so be prepared to answer a lot of questions. also, they will tell you your plan of care for the pregnancy, and give you the lists of what meds you can take, foods you should or should not be eating, basically you're going to get a lot of information.

— First appointment they usually do a pap smear and blood work just confirm the pregnancy

— I been drinking a lot of water trying to clear it up! @arivera64 they gave me antibiotics but I've never take that kind so I'm doing water and cranberry a few days

— My OB didnt do a pap my first appointment just bloodwork and ultrasound but i was 9 weeks then. They are all different

— I cramped and when I went for my first appointment I did a swab test and just so you are not shocked you bleed after they swab down there.

— oh you have to get treated for that uti!!!!
Otherwise, some cramping is normal.

— No bleeding just cramping I have a bad UTI @arivera64

— It's like you're going for your annual pap.
Yes cramping can be very normal as long as not accompanied by red bleeding